Rubber Insulating Sleeves Overview

Orion’s rubber insulating sleeves are especially made to protect the arms and forearms of electric sector workers. Sleeves are made of a high quality elastomeric compound and comply with ASTM D1051/NBR 10623.

Rubber insulating sleeves are manufactured in large and mid sizes and come with grips and buttons for better attachment to the body.

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All products come with FREE calibration & testing.

Class Test Voltage (Volts) Maximum Use Voltage (Volts) Label Color Available Sizes
0 5,000 1,000 Red M
1 10,000 7,500 White M
2 20,000 17,000 Yellow M/L
3 30,000 26,500 Green M/L
4 40,000 36,000 Orange M/L

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