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The Arc Flash Switching Coat is available as part of the Arc Flash Suit or individually. Arc Flash Suits are designed by experts to be effective, yet easy to put on over everyday workwear.

  • CAT 4
  • 44.8cal/cm2 Arc Flash rating
  • 5 Layer 205g/m2 Nomex® fabric
  • Fully approved to NFPA 70E
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All products come with FREE calibration & testing.

Part No. Superseded SKU Size Description
90-490 90-490 N/A Hood/Faceshield
90-489 90-489 N/A Leg Protectors
90-488-62-4XL 90-488/66 -(4 XL) 66 Switching Coat
90-488-62-XXXL 90-488/62 -XXXL 62 Switching Coat
90-488-58-XXL 90-488/58 -XXL 58 Switching Coat
90-488-56-XL 90-488/56 -XL 56 Switching Coat
90-488-54-L 90-488/54 -L 54 Switching Coat

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