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Tex At Site proudly offers a wide range of safety inspection services for height safety and fall arrest items, including harnesses & lanyards, pole straps, ladders, EWP harnesses, rescue systems, and more.

Tex At Site also provides a comprehensive on-site inspection service for lifting equipment. Our trained and qualified staff offer regular inspection as per AS 2550.1-2002 which covers:

  • Webbing Slings
  • Chains
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Hooks and Shackles
  • Hand Operated Chain Blocks
  • Come-Along Wire Grip Clamps

We have documented procedures for the inspection of all of your equipment, whether at your base facilities or in the field.

Legislation in most jurisdictions requires all height safety and fall arrest equipment to be in an operationally safe condition at all times. One missed defect/imperfection through improper inspection can be fatal or lead to a serious accident.

Our on-site inspection service makes it so easy, where work interruption is kept at a minimum and your inspection results are recorded in our client-accessible database.

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