Tex At Site provides a truly mobile high voltage testing service catering for the electrical, mechanical, mining, and industrial sectors throughout Australia with testing up to 200kV. Below is a list of equipment that we can perform testing on.

  • Insulating Gloves and Sleeves
  • Insulating Mats and Blankets
  • Hard and Soft Cover Equipment
  • Live Line & Operating Sticks
  • All Live Line Equipment
  • Truck Mounted EWP’s and Basket Liners
  • Transformer Oils
  • Rescue Kits
  • HV Proximity Indicators
  • Portable Earths

Regular testing by Tex At Site will ensure the functionality and serviceability of your equipment and help you to:

  • Fully meet the requirements of the appropriate industry standards
  • Prevent accidents, incidents, hazards and/or near misses
  • Maintain compliance to legislative requirements
  • Keep track of your testing or asset register through our database and scheduling systems
  • Reduce down time as testing is performed on-site

When dealing with high voltage electricity, it is essential for all equipment to undergo testing and calibration to ensure the operational safety of equipment.

Tex At Site is a team of experienced technicians. Being mobile, we can conveniently come to you on-site for high voltage equipment testing.

Our High Voltage Testing Services

With over twenty years in the industry, we have much experience with various tasks. Below is a list of the equipment we perform high voltage testing on:

  • Insulating gloves, sleeves, mats, and blankets.
  • Hard and soft cover equipment
  • Live line equipment
  • EWP Vehicles, Basket Liners & Insulating Oil
  • Electrical testing, up to 200kV
  • Calibration of all electrical meters

Why Us?

Tex At Site operates in Australia and New Zealand, and we bring our services to your company or factory, no matter how remote. We are dedicated to providing mobile equipment testing to ensure your safety. We aim for continual improvement to meet our industry needs. If you are looking for high voltage testing in Sydney or elsewhere, Tex At Site will be there at your earliest convenience.

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